Cancun Boat Rental and Other Cool Mexican Aquatic Adventures

Mexico is a beautiful place to visit, full of activities to do, places to eat and bars to drink at. One area where it truly shines is its waters! Mexico is flooded with crystal clear waters, sparkling from the sun as far as the eye can see. If you enjoy scuba diving, swimming with whale sharks, or finding white sandy beaches and surf spots then Mexico is certainly the place for you. Book yourself a Cancun Boat Rental to explore Mexico’s different spots and benefit from the freedom of going to different parts of Mexico, visiting areas that are hard to get to by foot and the luxury of your own boat. 

Below we look at some of the water sports you can enjoy when renting a boat in Mexico. 

Scuba Diving in Mexico

Mexico is known for its stunning dive spots that are very accessible and cater for all levels of ability. It’s impossible to not be wowed by what you will see underwater. Expect manta rays, sailfish, whale sharks, sea lions and a huge array of other marine life. The diving season in Mexico is all year round, so depending on when you visit, expect to see something different each time. If you are visiting from June to September this is the perfect time for whale shark season, whereas December to March is ideal for Sailfish. A Cabo San Lucas yacht rental is worth considering if you would like to see the diverse marine life that Mexico has to offer. 

Surfing in Mexico

Take to the water and test yourself with the waves that some of Mexico’s surf spots throw at you. With a large coastline, Mexico has a whole plethora of surf spots for you to try out, no matter your ability. Todos Santos, Barra de la Cruz, Pascuales, Mazatlan and Ensenada are the name of just a few popular surf spots for you to consider. Before visiting any of them, make sure you check what ability you should be. Todos Santos is great for all levels of ability, whereas, Ensenada is ideal for experienced surfers. 

White Water Rafting in Mexico

Mexico may not be the first place you think of when looking for a white water rafting course, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some great courses for you to try out. Day trips or multi-day trips, for both beginner and experienced rafters are available for you to book on. Popular places to white water raft include the Taos box, Orilla Verde and Rio Chama. With a little research, you also find a few others for you to try out if you are interested in giving white water rafting a go. 

The beaches of Mexico

If you are on a mission to relax, enjoy a great cocktail (or two) and read some of your favourite books, then the beaches of Mexico will be ideal. Year in, year out tourists flock to Mexico in order to enjoy the myriad of beautiful beaches available. With your own private Cancun boat rental, you can explore all the beaches, journeying to a different one each day. Whilst exploring you’ll discover some untouched beaches that are difficult to get to by foot, allowing you the ultimate relaxation spot.