We’ve been to Iceland back in 2006 when we visited Iceland in winter without a car, but we had our camera stolen from our London flat the day after our return – and the pics are all gone! Needless to say we’ve always wanted to return, and we may very well do so in autumn 2016!

Here’s our Iceland wishlist – 7 adventurous things to do on the island, from crazy activities to stunning landscapes. If you’re an adventure lover planning a trip and wondering what to do in Iceland, make sure you read on!

1) Landmannalaugar

During our last visit we only got out of Reykjavik for a couple of day trips. Next time, we’d love to rent a car and circle the hole island. Landmannalaugar is at the top of our list – stunning volcanic mountains where you can do multi-day hiked and enjoy a really otherworldly scenery.

2) Maelifell Volcano

‘Iceland’ and ‘volcanoes’ go hand in hand, right? Maelifell has got to be the most spectacular of them all, with its perfect conical shape in the middle of lava fields. Imagine camping at its base… I’m already dreaming!

3) Kirkjufell Mountain

This is a contender of Maelifell for the most beautiful mountain in Iceland. Kirkjufell Mountain is in the northern part of the country and just like Maelifell, it’s in a very remote place. But I mean, check it out. Is this even Earth?

4) Skaftafell Ice Cave

Our last visit to Iceland was in the winter, and as much as I’d love to return in summer for those endless sunsets, going back in the coldest months would give us the chance to visit Skaftafell Ice Cave, a cave under a glacier that makes you feel like you’re standing in crystal. It’s unsafe to visit the glacier in summer because ice caves shift and collapse constantly, but visiting in winter with a good guide would give us the chance to explore this marvel!

5) Gulfloss Waterfall

We’ve already visited this stunning waterfall as part of a popular ‘Golden Circle’ tour from Reykjavik, but the weather was so bad we hardly saw anything. It looks absolutely incredible – both in winter when it’s frozen and in summer with water rushing down surrounded by dark rocks and green grass.

6) Jokulsarlon Lake

Jökulsárlón lagoon Iceland

Another place that we were gutted to have missed last time and is now firmly on our Iceland wishlist for next year’s trip. Made famous by a Bond film, Jokulsarlon is a lake in southern Iceland, with the peculiarity of being full of blocks of ice floating in its turquoise waters. Bird life is also said to be especially diverse around this lake – another reason to visit!

7) Diving the Silfra Fissure

I saved the best for last, didn’t I? This is the ultimate item on our wishlist and I just can’t wait to see this place for myself. Iceland is the place where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet, creating the Silfra fissure, a gap between the plates that you can dive. Temperature is constant year round at 2-4C° and visibility can reach 100 meters – divers will understand my excitement here! There isn’t much in terms of fish life but the rock formations are incredible. Get me there, please!

Here’s our Iceland wishlist for Autumn 2016 – do you have anything else to recommend?

I was asked to share my Iceland wishlist by Guide to Iceland, but all opinions and views are my own.

Photo Credits Molechaser and Anjali Kiggal