With this post, we introduce our new series: Gear Reviews! We know how important good gear is when doing outdoor activities, and how difficult it is to choose from the tons of stuff you find at shops. We only present stuff that was tried and tested, with a little story on the side. Today we’ll feature the Trespass Jeanie Ski Jacket, reviewed on the ski slopes of Tochal, Iran!

If you’re a mountain lover, you’ll know that warm clothing is very, very important. And this is more so when you are skiing. The cold temperatures of the slopes, combined with the breeze going downhill, and the windchill on cable cars, can turn your day out skiing into a nightmare, if you’re not warm enough.

The perfect ski jacket should not only warm, but also not too bulky – or else, you’ll resemble a Michelin Man. The combination is not easy to achieve. In our experience, ski jackets are either too chunky, or not quite warm enough.

Trespass jeanie ski jacket Iran

The perfect ski jacket – warm but not bulky at all! PS. It was -12°C in the pic!

On top of that, the perfect ski jacket should be breathable and of course waterproof. There’s nothing worse than getting wet, or having sweat trapped under your clothes when you’re zipping down the slopes!

Trespass Jeanie: The Jacket

I liked the Jeanie ski jacket by Trespass as soon as I saw it on the women’s section of the company’s website. They have dozens of jackets to choose from, of all shapes and colours. I scrolled and scrolled for a while, until I the Jeanie model caught my eye. I personally like my ski clothing to be bold, but not ridiculous. I liked the diagonal white lines, and being black, it can be easily worn outside the slopes as well.

But what I liked best about the Jeanie was the technology. It is one of the most technically advanced in the Trespass ski range. The fabric is enriched with Radium membrane technology, reducing condensation on the inside allowing the body vapour to pass freely across the fabric. As a result, the jacket is windproof, waterproof but also perfectly breathable. The jacket also has double lining and special insulation, to maximise body heat retention.

trespass jeanie ski jacket

Getting ready for a day on the slopes: the Jeanie in our hotel in tehran

When I received it, I was sure I had made the right choice! I hate carrying a backpack when I’m skiing and Jeanie has loads of pockets – for ski pass, goggles, sunglasses, plus large side pockets to carry your cash and documents. I loved the padded mobile phone pocket, maximising battery life by keeping the phone warm.

The jacket is surprisingly light, unlikely many others that weigh a tonne, and has taped seams and an inside belt to ensure total protection against the wind.

How did the Jeanie ski jacket fare in the extreme (well, maybe not quite) conditions of the Iranian ski slopes? Read on, my friends!

marghe tochal iran ski slope

So, how was skiing?

Our review

As an avid skier (cross country and back country mostly) I’m usually looking forward to winter. From December onwards, I have my skis on pretty much every weekend. This year, though, has been uncommonly warm in Italy. Throughout December, snow was absent from most of the Alps, with only the highest resorts open for business – and over crowded as a result.

tochal ski iran cablecar

The Tochal cablecar – at 7.5 km, one of the longest in the world!

Just after Christmas we travelled to Iran and as soon as we discovered that the capital city Tehran is surrounded by mountains nearly 4000 meters high, we jumped at the chance to spend a day on the slopes.

We chose the Tochal ski resort, the closest to the city, easy to reach by metro and cable car. Tochal is one of the highest ski resorts in the world, with the top of the slope at 3850 meters over sea level.

The day we visited, it was a beautiful sunny day, and a freezing -12°C. A sharp, chilly wind blew constantly from the top of Mount Tochal and the Alborz mountain range to the north, but the jacket kept me warm and toasty, and its sleek fit ensured I was able to ski at ease, without the faintest trace of sweat.

young woman tochal ski iran

Sporting the Jeanie on the Tochal slopes – my head was FREEZING!

The same cannot be said for the lower part of my body – I was wearing hired pants and ski boots, and I was freezing. I wasn’t wearing a hat but hijab, the Islamic headscarf that is compulsory for women in Iran. Hijab alone was barely enough to protect my ears and head, but as soon as I pulled my hood up, I was totally fine.

All things considered, Jeanie makes a perfect ski jacket. The conditions at Tochal were perhaps not extreme, but it was definitely cold. Jeanie protected me from the wind and the cold, without impeding my movements and allowing my skin to breathe. I’ll be using it more and more over the ski season, and also around Milan, if it gets cold enough!

tochal ski iran tehran

A view of the Tochal ski resort near Tehran, Iran.

We were sent a Jeanie free of charge by Trespass in exchange for consideration for a review. We loved the jacket and everything we said reflects our own opinion. We would never recommend products we don’t trust!

13 Responses

  1. Hannah

    As a Canadian I understand the need for a good ski jacket…most of us wear them just to leave the house! 😉
    Sounds like a good make! I’ll have to take a look into Trespass, I haven’t heard of it before. But I love the look of your Jeanie. Wonder if it would stand up in the -40C temps we are having lately 😉

    • Margherita

      Hey hannah! -40°C sounds intense… I wonder how Jeanie would fare? I’d still love to visit Canada in winter though!

  2. Hayley Swinson

    Looks like a good jacket — love the idea of a padded cell-phone pocket. Mine is always dying when I’m out on the slopes because it gets so cold! Also love your colorful ski pants, even if they were rented. I didn’t realize Iran had a big ski community. Definitely something to look into 🙂

    • Margherita

      Hey hayley! I was so surprised with the skiing too. So bizarre! But it was an amazing day out and a great way to test the jacket!

  3. Alli

    Great job on your first review, Margherita! I’ve never heard of Trespass before, thanks for introducing me to it. Looks like a great piece!

    • Margherita

      Thanks Alli! It’s an amazing jacket indeed, I’ve been wearing it every day!

  4. antonette - we12travel

    I love the design of the jacket, very funky and colorful! I know how important it is to have a good jacket for skiing, because once you are up there and it’s not working, you’ll be cold for the rest of the day and it can be quite treacherous and not so much fun anymore. I love gear reviews because we love outdoor gear too, so this was very helpful!

    • Margherita

      OOOHHH it’s so annoying when you’re freezing on the slopes. I hate it when it happens 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Jenna

    Looks like a great jacket! I totally understand how hard it is to find good winter gear–we just had to buy all new winter gear again after moving back from Florida this past summer. I’ll have to look into Trespass when I need some new gear again–looks cute and functional! Sounds like a great trip to Iran, too 🙂

    • Margherita

      Thanks for your comment Jenna! The jacket was fab, I’m fact I’m even wearing it in town!

  6. Chris Boothman

    Finding a good jacket is crucial, especially if you are a outdoorsy person who loves to go exploring in winter. Regardless of whether you are an avid skiier or not, I think a jacket like this would be a great addition to anyone’s winter packing list.

    • Margherita

      So true Chris! In fact, I’ve used it a lot on and off the slopes. Thanks for your comment!