Today, our good friend Adriana Monsalve will take us on a road trip around Jordan. Whether you are planning a week-long holiday or a longer expedition, good roads, friendly locals and stunning landscapes will make a Jordan road trip a holiday to remember.

We flew to Aqaba and made your way north towards Petra and Wadi Rum; then back to Aqaba for some R&R. Another idea is to keep going north till you reach the Dead Sea, and then onwards to Amman and the ruins of Northern Jordan. 

That’s what we’ll do, next time.

All photos by Adriana Monsalve. Follow Adriana on her website or Twitter for news on her amazing work!

jordan road trip palm

Palm on the highway

Jordan Road Trip – Snapshots of a country

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From the desert of Wadi Rum, between dust and red earth…

jordan hazy desert

Hazy desert view

jordan jeep wadi rum

Into the great desert

Amazing sunsets under the desert sky

jordan wadi rum rocks sunset

Painted clouds

Friendly locals, snapshots of life

jordan wadi rum bedouin

In a desert camp

jordan wadi rum bedouin eyes

Ibrahim and his eyes

jordan wadi rum desert sunrise

A desert sunrise

jordan bus door

Through the bus doors

jordan gas station

A Jordanian Service station

jordan graffiti

Jordanian graffiti

You can never take enough pictures

jordan tourists desert

What a view, right?

 The Practicalities of a Jordan Road Trip

When I say ‘road trip’, it’s not meant to be taken literally. It’s just a reminder to enjoy the beauty of the road, and not just the destination. A road trip can be taken on a bus, on the back of a truck, by donkey or camel back… or why not, even in your own car.

You can easily rent a car on your arrival in Jordan, both Amman and Aqaba airports have the offices of several car rental firms. Larger companies let you pick up and drop off at different airports, but smaller firms (despite being cheaper) won’t let you. The choice is yours – but whatever you choose, rest assured you’ll have a wonderful time. Jordanians are some of the most hospitable people we’ve met!

Don’t miss visiting amazing Shobak Castle and trying some Mansaf, Jordan’s national dish!




2 Responses

  1. Dennis Kopp

    Margherita, those are some beautiful photos of a wide and empty looking country. While it is great to experience Jordan though the lense of Adriana, one day I would hope to visit myself, maybe even on a road trip… 🙂

    • Margherita

      Thanks Dennis! Will let Adriana know you enjoyed the pics… Jordan is beautiful indeed, and the emptiness makes it even more so. Thanks for your comment!