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Exploring the Karakoram Highway

Karakoram Highway View

There are few other countries on Earth that are as diverse as China. From the mega cities of the East Coast to the lush nature of the south, to the mountains and deserts of Western China. Today’s guest post from Mateen takes us to the Karakoram Highway between China and Pakistan, as well as Kashgar and … Read more

Lost in Taman Negara

Taman Negara Orangasli Mother with child

Have you ever got lost in the woods? After following a well-trodden path, have you ever accidentally turned the wrong way, and suddenly figured out that you had no idea of where you actually were? Being lost in the woods is the ultimate adventure, born out of children’s tales and parents’ nightmares. We did get … Read more

Shobak Castle

shobak hill jordan castle

March is nearly over, and our tour of Jordan is nearing to an end. Only one week left. During the first three weeks, we’ve brought you the marvels of the Golden Triangle of Jordan; Aqaba and its lovely beaches, the desert adventure playground of Wadi Rum and the eternal city of Petra. Here’s tale of … Read more

Adventure Activities in Wadi Rum

adventure activities wadi rum sunrise

One of many good reasons to visit Aqaba is its close proximity to the desert wonderland of Wadi Rum. If you’re not familiar with it, Wadi Rum is a granite and sandstone valley, famous for being one of the most beautiful desert landscapes in the whole world. Aqaba is just 60 km from the entrance to … Read more