5 Unusual Beijing Places

Cupping therapy 3 unusual beijing

Forbidden City? Check. Temple of Heaven? Check. Tienanmen Square? Check. To bide farewell to China, we’d like to show you unusual Beijing. From public bathhouses to artsy pubs, from a hutong with a resident rabbit to an abandoned amusement park. Ready? 1) Shuang Xing Tang Public Baths Did you know that you can go to public bath … Read more

The Great Wall at Mutianyu

Great Wall at Mutianyu Empty

Who doesn’t have the Great Wall on their China list? Here’s our practical guide to visiting the Great Wall at Mutianyu, one of the easiest accessible sections from Beijing that is not swamped with tourists.  The History of the Great Wall Who doesn’t dream of visiting the Great Wall? It’s hard to even talk about … Read more

Climbing Mount Tai

Tai shan Sunrise silhouette

A little while ago, we decided we would climb a mountain in every country we visit. In China, we chose Mount Tai (Tai Shan), the most climbed mountain in the country. Here’s our practical guide to help you plan your Mount Tai adventure. The history of Mount Tai Mount Tai is the greatest of the Five … Read more