Photo Stories

Made in Florence: The Oltrarno Artisans

made in florence washington etching

Florence is one of those places I could visit over and over again, and always discover something new. Naturally, it helps when you have a good guide, like Luca from Context Travel, our guide in the Made in Florence walk around Oltrarno to discover the artisan tradition of the area.  First time in Florence? Don’t miss … Read more

Train Stories – 2275

train stories via emilia

We have a really special guest post today – the author of Train Stories is my sister Caterina Ragg, who also wrote several Jordan posts a couple of years ago, when The Crowded Planet was just a baby. Caterina is a talented photojournalist, exploring issues related to identity and body image. Recently she’s been drawn … Read more

CSD Cologne – When the City Turns Rainbow

csd cologne rainbow roses

Our experience at CSD Cologne, our second stop with the #mygaypride crowd after CSD Berlin. Are you curious to know what city we liked better, and what we learnt during the weekend? We got to Cologne after a long, sweaty train ride across Germany, after having left Dresden early in the morning. We were in … Read more