Photo Stories

Two Seasons in Suomenlinna

suomenlinna from helicopter winter

After visiting the UNESCO-listed Suomenlinna fortress in summer, I returned in January. Did anything change? Have a look at our photo essay to discover Suomenlinna in winter and summer! There’s nothing more spectacular than looking at a city from above. When we visited Finland in summer, we were lucky to be landing on a bright … Read more

The Last Hutong

boy window hutong beijing

Continuing our China exploration, we’d like to share with you this poignant article and photostory by Italian photojournalist Luca Vasconi. This is his second article for us, after this beautiful photo essay on Varanasi.  The millenary Great Wall, the charm of the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City that overlooks the endless expanse of Tiananmen … Read more

Sorrento in 11 Pictures

Sorrento marina grande

After taking you to Gargano and Cinque Terre, we’d like to show you another amazing Italian location; Sorrento. It’s so beautiful, that I don’t think words can do it justice. Sorrento in 11 Pictures – Prepare to be Amazed! 1) The Cliffs Sorrento was the legendary cove of the Mermaids, beautiful creatures that bewitched sailors … Read more