Wandering Vico del Gargano

Vico del Gargano

Hope you’re enjoying our Gargano week! It’s far from over… after telling you about awesome Monte Sant’Angelo and our day learning about organic farming, we would like to introduce you to beautiful Vico del Gargano, one of the most beautiful hilltop villages we’ve ever seen.  Where is Vico del Gargano? Have you heard of Gargano? … Read more

The Lemons of Gargano

Happy orange lemons gargano

You know where we are, right? We’re in Gargano, the northern part of the Apulia region in Southern Italy. Here we take a walk around Zio Michele’s garden, taste some great fruit and veg, and learn about organic farming. How we ended up learning about lemons If you’ve read our previous post, you’ll know we stayed at the lovely … Read more

I Ceri di Gubbio

Ceri Di Gubbio Yellow and Blue at the Corner

Festival Friday is back! Today we would like to share with you a photo story of one of the best festivals we’ve been to; la Festa dei Ceri di Gubbio, a beautiful town in Central Italy.  Imagine one of those picturesque Italian villages, cobbled streets and winding roads on a hillside. Green hills and pastures, … Read more

Mamuthones and Issohadores

Issohadores Mamuthones mask

This Festival Friday we’ll take you to Mamoiada, a village in inland Sardinia. Mamoiada is the home of mamuthones and issohadores, mysterious masked characters whose origin is all but unknown. We visited in occasion of St Anthony’s festival on January 17th, when mamuthones and issohadores parade around burning bonfires. “I can’t let you in. I … Read more

Carnevale di Venezia

carnevale di venezia Bad Bird

Carnival time is over, and after getting our hands dirty at the Battle of the Oranges and dancing the night away at Carnaval de Gualeguaychù, we’ll take you to the oldest and grandest carnival of all, the wonderful Carnevale di Venezia. Take our hand and let us lead you on a wander of the backstreets … Read more

Battle of the Oranges


For our first Festival Friday post, we’ll take you to Ivrea in northern Italy, home of one of the craziest Carnival traditions in the world – the Battle of the Oranges! Battle of the Oranges in action All I can see is a flash of orange, then I am hit in the chest. It knocks … Read more