Chasing the 12 Best Waterfalls in Bali

Planning to visit Bali? You can’t miss spending a day (or more) checking out the best waterfalls in Bali. From well-known ones like Gitgit and Tegenungan, to off-the-beaten-path gems like Leke Leke, here is our selection of the 12 best Bali waterfalls!

Bali is truly a traveler’s dream, a destination is full of beaches, hills, and a vibrant culture. Yet, you may or may not know that this island is also famous for its waterfalls!

Most Bali travellers base themselves in Ubud and Canggu – it’s easy to visit Bali waterfalls from both destinations, either driving yourself by motorbike or joining a waterfall tour. Check out some of the best Bali waterfall tours below!

nungnung waterfall
My favourite Bali waterfalls, Nung Nung!

Bali Waterfall Tours

Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali, and it is closer to the centre of the island where most waterfalls are located, so its very easy to reach them in a short time. Yet, there’s so much to do in Ubud besides waterfalls – check out our post about what to do in Ubud in 3 days!

If you travel to the northern part of Bali, choosing places like Munduk or Lovina as your base, you’ll be even closer to secluded, unspoiled natural waterfalls. Jump on a rented bike or hire a driver, and spend a day (or more) enjoying the best waterfalls in Bali.

12 Must- Visit Waterfalls in Bali

1) Tegenungan Waterfall

bali waterfalls tegenungan
Aerial views of Tegenungan Waterfall

This is probably the best known waterfall in Bali, and one of the easiest to access, being less than half an hour away from Ubud. However, if you’re after a ‘secluded’ waterfall experience, Tegenungan is probably not the best Bali waterfall for that, as it tends to get VERY crowded. 

However, it’s still worth visiting, especially in the early hours of the morning, when you may very well be one of the few there, and all the little shops and restaurants that add to the ‘touristy’ atmosphere haven’t yet opened. As you descend towards the waterfall, you’ll find some of those iconic Bali insta props – a giant heart, a bamboo nest, and naturally, a swing!

Tegenungan waterfall is 25 meters high and thunders into a pool – swimming in the immediate proximity of the waterfall is hard due to the currents, but there are shallow areas where you can enjoy a dip. 

  • Entrance Fee – 15,000 IDR plus 5,000 to park your scooter
  • Opening Times – 6.30 AM to 6.30 PM
  • Getting There – 25 minutes by motorbike from Ubud
  • Can you Swim? Yes
  • Recommended for… easy access from Ubud.

2) Kanto Lampo Waterfall

bali waterfalls kanto lampo
Dreamy Kanto Lampo – Photo Credits Unsplash

This waterfall is not far from Tegenungan, so it’s easy to combine both in a single visit. Yet, you’ll be pleased to find out that it sees far fewer visitors, but it still gets pretty busy in the middle of the day.

It’s probably the best Bali waterfall for families with young children and people with trouble walking, as you only need to walk about 5 minutes down the steps from the parking area.

Kanto Lampo waterfall is 15 meters high, and it’s best visited during the wet season, or after a heavy downpour, as during the dry season the water flow can be barely visible.

It’s not a classic ‘plunge’ waterfall like Tegenungan and Nung Nung – instead, water trickles down the rocks, starting out thin at the top and fanning out as it makes its way into the pool below, creating great photo opportunities. 

  • Entrance Fee – 15,000 IDR, free parking
  • Opening Times – 24 hours
  • Getting There – 30 minutes by motorbike from Ubud
  • Can you Swim? Yes – best photo opps are from the water!
  • Recommended for… easy access with few steps.

3) Nung Nung Waterfall

bali waterfalls nung nung
Me photographing my friends Yulia and Janet at Nung Nung

This is my favourite waterfall in Bali, and it’s still relatively unknown by mass tourism. Nung Nung waterfall is located in central Bali, about an hour north of Ubud, surrounded by lush vegetation at the bottom of a gorge. 

Access is recommended only to those in good physical shape, as you need to walk down (and then walk back up) about 500 steps. Considering the Bali heat and humidity, it gets tough! However, if you make it to the very bottom, you’ll be rewarded with the sight of this powerful 50 meter-high waterfall, thundering into a rock pool. 

I tried to swim to the base of the falls, but the sheer power of the cascading water made me turn back. Visiting Nung Nung waterfall takes about 1 hour and a half, considering the walk up and down the stairs. You can combine these falls with nearby Leke Leke, or check out the swing found in the organic farm just near the entrance to Nung Nung Falls to turn it into a day trip!

nung nung swing girl
Yulia on the swing near Nung Nung

Alternatively, opt to stay at nearby Bagus Agro Pelaga, Bali’s first agro tourism site including luxury accommodation in an organic farm. It’s only 10 minutes drive from Nung Nung, and it’s the ideal location to relax after the sweaty hike up and down the 500 waterfall steps!

  • Entrance Fee – 10,000 IDR, free parking
  • Opening Times – 9 AM to 4 PM
  • Getting There – 1 hour by motorbike from Ubud, 1 hour 20 from Canggu
  • Can you Swim? Yes, but be careful as the waterfall is really powerful!
  • Recommended for… real adventurers ready to walk 500 steps!

4) Tukad Cepung Waterfall

tukad cepung cave waterfall bali
Tukad Cepung, the cave waterfall

This is definitely one of the most unique and spectacular Bali waterfalls, because it’s inside a cave! Tukad Cepung is west of Ubud and can be combined with other waterfalls in the same day – for example, you could head to Tukad Cepung on the way to Tibumana, or include Tegenungan, Kanto Lampo and Tukad Cepung in a day-long loop. 

It takes about 15 minutes to reach the waterfall from the parking area, and you’ll have to wade through knee-deep water to reach the best photo spots. If possible, visit on a sunny day, between 10 am and 2 pm, to see sun beams lighting up the waterfall from the cave opening. Make sure you visit this amazing waterfall in Bali before it gets too Insta-famous!

  • Entrance Fee – 10,000 IDR, free parking
  • Opening Times – 6 AM to 5 PM
  • Getting There – 1 hour by motorbike from Ubud
  • Can you Swim? Kind of. You have to wade through water to reach the waterfall, but it’s usually quite shallow.
  • Recommended… because it’s in a cave!

5) Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit is definitely one of the most visited waterfalls in Bali – pretty much any tour bus heading to northern Bali stops there. It’s quite far from Ubud – driving there and back in a day would mean at least 4 hours on the saddle! For this reason, we recommend visiting Gitgit waterfall from a base in northern Bali, like Lovina or Munduk. 

Walking to the waterfall from where you park your car or scooter takes 15 minutes, and you’ll be surrounded by food and souvenir stalls almost the entire way. The falls look similar to Nung Nung, with a powerful sheet of water cascading from a 35-meter height, but easier access means there are far more people.

All in all, Gitgit is a great Bali waterfall to visit if you’re in the northern part of Bali!

  • Entrance Fee – 20,000 IDR, free parking
  • Opening Times – 7 AM to 5 PM
  • Getting There – 2 hour from Ubud, 50 minutes from Munduk, 40 minutes from Lovina
  • Can you Swim? Yes! The waterfall is powerful but there are some sections where the water is calmer.
  • Recommended for… ease of access from Northern Bali.

6) Tibumana Waterfall

bali waterfalls tibumana
Tibumana, one of the most stunning Bali waterfalls

One of the best and most known waterfalls in Bali is definitely Tibumana, only half an hour ride from Ubud. You will be welcomed by tall palm trees and green rice gardens, and not so many people despite the relative vicinity to Ubud.

Surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful birds and butterflies, Tibumana definitely deserves to belong in this list of best waterfalls in Bali. During the wet season, you can see a twin waterfall, but during the dry season there’s just one stream of water. Tibumana is a secluded waterfall, where you can observe the serene beauty of Balinese nature. 

It’s also one of the best waterfalls in Bali if you want to swim, since the pool at the bottom of the waterfall is usually calm and pleasant. There are also lockers to leave your stuff, at a cost of 5000 IDR each.

  • Entrance Fee – 10,000 IDR, free parking
  • Opening Times – 7 AM to 5 PM
  • Getting There – 30 min from Ubud
  • Can you Swim? Yes! Perfect for swimming!
  • Recommended for… swimming and relaxing atmosphere.

7) Leke Leke Waterfalls

Wild Leke Leke

Looking for a day trip kind of waterfall? Then, Leke Leke is for you! Though this waterfalls is always underrated, we would love to disagree, and with tourism on the increase, it won’t be long before it’s included in more best waterfalls in Bali lists!

Leke Leke is an hour-long drive from Ubud, and the ride by itself is very scenic. You will come across some of the most scenic rice terraces and villages on your way to Leke Leke waterfalls, and you can also combine a visit to this waterfall with Nung Nung, only 40 minutes away.

The Leke Leke complex includes two waterfallsAir Terjun Kipuan Kebo, the best known, and the smaller Air Terjun Campuhan. There are also other adventure activities available in the complex, including a swing, cycling and tubing. 

Once you reach the parking area, a 15-minutes hike through beautiful nature takes you to the waterfall. The hike is narrow and slippery and includes a bamboo bridge, so make sure you have good footwear! The fall drops into a small pool where you can dip, and there are rocks providing good photo opportunities.

  • Entrance Fee – 30,000 IDR for Air Terjun Kipuan Kebo (the main Leke Leke waterfall), 20,000 IDR for Air Terjun Campuhan.
  • Opening Times – 7 AM to 5 PM
  • Getting There – 1 hour from Ubud
  • Can you Swim? Kind of – the pool is really small.
  • Recommended for… adventure sports, two waterfalls in one.

8) Aling Aling Waterfalls

Located in Sambangan Village, not far from Gitgit waterfalls, Aling Aling waterfall is definitely worth the trip from Ubud or Canggu. In fact, even though the name ‘Aling Aling’ refers to one waterfall, the Aling Aling complex includes three morePucuk, Kroya and Kembar waterfalls.

The way to the waterfalls is quite steep and slippery. But, the whole thing will make sense when you come eye-to-eye with the beautiful Aling Aling waterfall, pouring down from a great height and falling into a pond. 

There are multiple areas at Aling Aling that allow you to cliff jump and waterslide your way down a series of amazing waterfalls. If you want to do so, it’s mandatory to have a guide – the price is 150,000 IDR per person. However, if you just want to walk in and see the waterfalls you’ll have to pay only 10,000 IDR.

If you opt to join the tour to jump into the falls, you’ll start with Kroya waterfall, where you can warm up with an easy 5 meter jump from a concrete platform. After that, it’s time for a waterfall slide before braving Kembar (‘Double’ in Indonesian), a 10-meter jump down a twin waterfall. If you can take it, you can also brave the final jump at Pucuk, about 15 meter high!

The whole place is surrounded by high cliffs, adding to the beauty of the waterfalls. If you want an amazing cliff, waterfall and pond swimming experience, then Aling Aling are the best waterfalls in Bali!

  • Entrance Fee – 10,000 IDR for the view point, 150,000 IDR if you’re planning to cliff jump.
  • Opening Times – 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Getting There – 1 hour from Munduk, 30 minutes from Lovina. 
  • Can you Swim? Only if you pay extra to jump into the falls!
  • Recommended for… cliff jumpers!

9) Cemara Waterfalls

Cemara waterfall
Get away from it all at Cemara waterfalls!

Situated 75 km away from Ubud, Cemara waterfall is truly for adventure lovers. Similarly to Aling Aling, Cemara waterfalls include 5 different falls, which can be reached by a guided trek covering different kinds of terrain, including a dense rainforest. 

You might have heard of the famous Aling Aling Waterfalls, covered above. Cemara is just north of Aling Aling, even though driving time between the two is close to an hour since there are no direct roads. The name of this waterfall, Cemara, is associated with the word ‘romance’ – it is believed that couples who visit this place are bound to be together in love, forever!

Cemara is a great place to get away from the crowds. A guide is required, and the 250,000 IDR price tag deters most travellers. If you do opt to go, you’ll be rewarded with top jungle views and a serene atmosphere. These are probably the best Bali waterfalls to get away from it all!

  • Entrance Fee250,000 IDR
  • Opening Times – 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Getting There – 30 mins from Munduk, 45 minutes from Lovina. 
  • Can you Swim? Only if you pay extra to jump into the falls!
  • Recommended for… cliff jumpers!

10) Sumampan Waterfall

Sumampan is slightly different from other Bali waterfalls. Of course, you’ll still find lush green vegetation and a beautiful waterfall here – but there here is one more amazing thing that makes Sumampan waterfall truly special. You can also see stone carvings representing Balinese gods and goddesses, a testament to the fact of how special this place has been for locals throughout history. 

Despite its vicinity to Ubud and the unique stone carvings, Sumampan doesn’t seem to be as popular as other Bali waterfalls. Yet, to get the whole feel of history and nature, Sumampan waterfalls is a great option for a quiet day out! 

  • Entrance Fee10,000 IDR – if there is no one to charge you, please leave something in the donation box
  • Opening Times – 24 hours
  • Getting There – 30 mins from Ubud
  • Can you Swim? Yes
  • Recommended for… stone carvings.

11) Singsing Waterfall

If you want a lazy waterfall day, then Singsing waterfall is for you. It’s one of Bali’s  hidden natural gems, made even more special by its offbeat location near the Northern Bali coast, surrounded by thick tropical forests.

You can enjoy swimming, and lazying around in the pond at the bottom of the waterfall. If you are in a mood for a trek, you can hike 20 minutes up to some lava stone pools here. It is said that this is good for your skin. Jump in and soak yourself to make your skin happy!

Singsing waterfalls should be visited during the wet season (October-April) since they often reduce to a tiny trickle during the dry season. 

  • Entrance Fee10,000 IDR 
  • Opening Times – 24 hours
  • Getting There – 45 mins from Lovina and Munduk
  • Can you Swim? Yes!
  • Recommended for… relaxing atmosphere, soaking in the lava pools.

12) Niagara Munduk Waterfall

Yes, we did indeed say Niagara! Munduk Waterfall is sometimes referred to as the ‘Niagara falls of Bali’. It is located near Munduk, in the north-central part of Bali, barely 10 minutes drive from town – if you’re spending time in Munduk, don’t miss it!

The complex includes two falls, the larger of which is 15 meters high. You can swim in the pond at the bottom, surrounded by mist-filled air and green trees. Afterwards, trek up to the top of the waterfall, where you will find another waterfall called Melanting. Don’t miss it, the view are worth the hike! Proper footwear is a must for this trail as the whole way is slippery and muddy.

If you have more time, then you can choose to visit (or even stay at) the Munduk Moding Plantation Nature and Resort, an organic, eco-friendly coffee plantation where you can swim in infinity pools, relax surrounded by beautiful nature, and even sample the very rare wild luwak coffee – their website claims that their coffee is 100% sourced from the droppings of wild civet cats, and no animals are ever caged.

  • Entrance Fee – 20,000 IDR plus 5000 for parking
  • Opening Times – 6 AM to 6 PM
  • Getting There – 10 minutes from Munduk
  • Can you Swim? Yes!
  • Recommended for… relaxing atmosphere, soaking in the lava pools.

Besides these 12, there many more waterfalls in Bali, each of them offering something special. Have you ever been to Bali and have visited these waterfalls? Let us know in the comments below about your experience!

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Jimmy and Tah from Divertliving in Bali!

This guest post was brought to you by Jimmy & Tah, American and Thai Millennials who left their careers in the military and finance to become full-time travellers. They met in August 2015 in South Korea, kicked off traveling in September 2017 with $4000 in their saving account and first started publishing their journey and living the life they they have always dreamt of – travelling and being able to work wherever they love ( as long as there is Wi-Fi and coffee).

Follow them on their travel blog Divert Living, and if you are looking for wise ideas to travel in affordable way, then check out their blog post about Bali on Budget!


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