Insider Tips

Warsaw with a Local

Warsaw local Tram crossing

A new instalment for our Insider series! We travel to Warsaw, but unlike other times, we are not following five different insiders’ tips. We had the privilege of meeting up with Kami, a fellow blogger and Warsaw local, and discovered the city with her. Discovering Warsaw with a Local If you’ve been following our Insider … Read more

India in Five Sacred Sites

India Taj Mahal side with man

We continue our India month with an exploration of five sacred sites, some famous some less famous, to highlight the cultural and historical heritage of this incredible country. 1) The Taj Mahal Wait. Wait a second. What do you mean ‘sacred site’? The Taj Mahal, India’s iconic sight, daily trampled by hordes of camera-toting, paan-spitting tourists? … Read more

Porto in Five Insider Tips

Porto Church Sunset

New week, new destination! After Hamburg and Florence, let’s discover Porto through the eyes of five locals! What do you know about Porto? The northern capital of Portugal must be one of our favourite destinations ever. It is blessed with a stunning location, great architecture and thriving cultural and music scene. It has gorgeous weather, affordable … Read more