Château Feely in Saussignac – Our Second Home in France

chateau feely biodynamic wine

Have you ever wondered where we disappear every year in February? Welcome to Château Feely, a biodynamic winery near Saussignac, in the Dordogne region of south-west France. We’ve just finished housesitting here for the third consecutive year, so we thought it was about time to tell you about Château Feely and what’s there to see … Read more

Usual & Unusual Things to do in Bordeaux

things to see in bordeaux skyline

Welcome to one of our new favourite cities! After two visits to the city we’ve gathered enough info to share our top things to do in Bordeaux with you, including the ‘usual suspects’ and some quirky things! This is by no means an ‘ultimate guide’ but we’ll be adding to it during our future visits! All … Read more