Guide to the 19 Best Beaches in Mykonos

mykonos best beaches sunset

Are you looking for the best beaches in Mykonos? After Astypalea, Mykonos is probably our favourite Greek island. Here we’ve collected the 12 best Mykonos beaches, perfect to party, relax, enjoy sports… whatever, really! Mykonos is truly one of the best Greek islands to visit – it has amazing beaches, cute white houses, windmills, … … Read more

Orthodox Easter on a Greek Island

easter on a greek island astypalea

Orthodox Easter is a wonderful time to explore Greece – the weather is warm, tourists haven’t yet arrived and locals are happy to welcome visitors to join the celebrations. This year, we were lucky to spend Orthodox Easter on a Greek island, Astypalea, a remote and unspoilt piece of heaven.  Easter on a Greek Island … Read more