Madagascar Trekking: Climbing Pic Boby

Climbing Pic Boby Camp Overview

Well… mountaineering may be pushing it. Trekking, more like. However, we are talking about Madagascar’s highest climbable mountain – climbing Pic Boby is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed.  Where is Pic Boby? Climbing a mountain in Madagascar? What? That’s what we thought. We imagined Madagascar as a lush tropical island, with steamy rain forests and … Read more

A Taxi Brousse Survival Guide

taxi brousse loading

Do you want to travel Madagascar independently, keeping an eye on your budget? Meet your new best friend, the taxi brousse.  What is a taxi brousse? If you’ve travelled around Africa, you’ll be familiar with the concept of bush taxi. These minibuses, packed to the gills with people and produce, shuttle from one city to … Read more