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5 Unusual Beijing Places

Cupping therapy 3 unusual beijing

Forbidden City? Check. Temple of Heaven? Check. Tienanmen Square? Check. To bide farewell to China, we’d like to show you unusual Beijing. From public bathhouses to artsy pubs, from a hutong with a resident rabbit to an abandoned amusement park. Ready? 1) Shuang Xing Tang Public Baths Did you know that you can go to public bath … Read more

An Ode to the Francesinha

Porto Francesinha from Bufete Fase

We briefly hinted to how much we loved francesinha in our Porto Five Insider Tips. Do you want to know what it is, and why we loved it so much?  Walking around Porto, you’ll see people tucking into a funny-looking sandwich on a plate, covered in melted cheese and a strange red-orange sauce. At a first … Read more

A Walking Tour of St Pauli


Discover St Pauli, Hamburg’s quirkiest neighbourhood with a walking tour, uncovering its history and secrets. Now if you’ve lost your inheritance And all you’ve left is common sense And you’re not too picky about the crowd you keep Or the mattress where you sleep… One of Tom Waits’s songs is titled Reeperbahn, after the main … Read more