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The Perfect Sierra Leone Itinerary

sierra leone itinerary

Have you considered travelling to Sierra Leone, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help you out with this Sierra Leone itinerary, perfect for 1 or 2 weeks! So, you’ve decided to travel to Sierra Leone. I assume you’ve already done your research on what to expect, and the kind of travel experience … Read more

Guide to the Ciclovia del Sole – Mirandola/Bologna

ciclovia del sole guide

Who else loves cycling trips? In this post we’ll tell you all about Ciclovia del Sole, a cycling path between Mirandola and Bologna in Emilia-Romagna! Borrowing the words of writer Edmondo Berselli, Emilia is ‘a land of nihilists and empiricists, of wild and creative, friendly and angry people. Of sublime shopkeepers, Bolognese aesthetes passionate about … Read more

11 Lake Garda Top Summer Experiences

summer lake garda top experiences

Heading to Lake Garda this summer? This article is all about the new Lake Garda summer experiences. From Goethe-themed hikes, to paddleboarding to a secret waterfall, I’m sure you’ll find one (or more) you like! Picture this. It’s early morning. You’ve been hiking through a forest for over an hour, then walked along a ridge… … Read more

11 Best Cenotes Near Valladolid

best cenotes near valladolid

Welcome to our guide to the best cenotes in and around Valladolid! This chilled Mexican town was our favourite stop in the Yucatan area, for many reasons – and cenotes are at the top of the list! Imagine this – you’ve spent the whole day exploring colonial towns and Mayan ruins, enjoying tasty Mexican food … Read more